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Posted on 18. Jan, 2016 by in News

E=MC4I is pleased to announce its latest investments aimed at expanding its service offerings.

2015 marked a banner year for E=MC4I, highlighted by an expansion in our capabilities and infrastructure, allowing us to serve a growing client list. 2016 picks up on this momentum, with important investments that will allow us to provide broader, specialized services. We have recently begun work on the installation of our new paint booth, which will be completed in the coming weeks. This will enhance our already well-regarded paint and coating capabilities. Stay tuned for updates and pictures once our paint booth has been fully installed!

Vytek L-Star 450We have also invested in a Vytek L-Star 450 Watt Laser Cutting System, which will further enhance our laser cutting and engraving offering. Arriving in our shop in May, our Vytex (equipped with a 4′ x 8′ table size) is a large format high power laser cutting machine with an integrated lift table that will allow us to cut up to 3/16″ thick steel, and to engrave a number of materials including marble, wood, acrylic, glass and of course metals!

These are some of the capabilities of our Vytek L-Star 450 system:

  • Integrated Lift Table for Unprecedented Machine Flexibility
  • All Servo Drives
  • Live Z Axis
  • Precision Ground Helical Rack and Pinion
  • Metal Cutting Option Available for Cutting up to 3/16″ Thick Steel
  • Engraving various materials such as marble, wood, acrylic, glass and metals
  • Cut up to 25 mm Acrylic

Source: vy-tek.com

Last, but certainly not least, our team will soon be enhanced by an Engineer with a PhD in Fluid Mechanics. While our investments in infrastructure and equipment are important, we believe our strongest asset is our people. More on this remarkable addition to the E=MC4I team to come.



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