Waterjet Machining

E=MC4I has four OMAX Waterjet Cutting Centers, including one with a multi-axis cutting head. Equipped with the latest software (Solid Works™ and Pro E™ licenses), we are fully capable of designing custom parts for our clients.

With table sizes for 7’ x 15’, 5’ x 10’ (2) and 2’ x 6’, our powerful waterjet machines can cut up to a thickness of seven inches, and virtually every substrate with the exception of paper products.

Examples of our state-of-the-art waterjet cutting capabilities:

Precision waterjet cutting & machiningOur waterjet machines can cut up to a thickness of 7 inches.Another great example of our waterjet machining capabilities.Precision waterjet machining for projects big & small.Waterjet & assemblyOur waterjet machines are capable of cutting any kind of stoneDetailed waterjet machining, in projects big and smallFresh off the waterjet machineVideo: waterjet machining